Appel à contribution – Reassessing Canon Formation in Medieval Literature

Lieu : UPF Barcelona (Espagne)

dates : 20-22 février 2025

Date limite pour candidater : 15 juillet 2024

Set for 2025 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona, Reassessing Canon Formation in Medieval Literature emerges from a collaborative research project involving the University of Geneva and Université Libre de Bruxelles. It centrally features the Cycle des Sept Sages (C7S), a pivotal but underrecognized work of medieval French prose, based on the Roman des Sept Sages de Rome and its six prose continuations. These texts provide a unique window into the literary landscape of the late 13th century and serve as a focal point for our discussions on canon formation.

Our conference seeks to push beyond traditional literary analyses by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to reassess medieval literary canons. We aim to dissect the concept of ‘canon’ through comprehensive single-tradition studies and comparative analyses across different traditions. This exploration will critically evaluate the role of historical narratives and 19th-century scholarship in defining literary ‘greatness’.

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