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Appel à contribution – Visualising Crisis in late Middel Ages

Lieu : University of Leeds (UK)

Dates : 1-4 juillet 2023

Date limite pour postuler : 31 août 2023

Slowly but surely, the last centuries of Medieval Europe on the verge to turn to Modernity, bang to build up a lot of dilemmas and moral interrogations: numbers of heresies and peculiar religious questions indicate how intricate cultural identities were during the Middle Ages. One of the many ways to document and explore those discrepancies and the modalities of maybe mending them, is the study of visual images, mental ones and pictures.

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Appel à contribution – Visual and Material Cultures of Female Sanctity in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Lieu : Université Otto-Friedrich, Bambert, Allemagne

Dates : 13 et 14 juillet 2023

Dates limites pour proposer une communication : 28 février 2023

Two- and three-dimensional images of female saints are highly complex religious objects. They depict the saints in a wide variety of material and performative settings in which the women are richly gifted and preciously adorned. During their object history, these images have been subjected to repeated changes by multiple actors. Their formation as artefacts is inextricably linked to the developments of the cult of the saints as a social phenomenon (Peter Brown). In sophisticated ways, they reflect, negotiate and sometimes contradict the societal roles attributed to women.

This workshop aims to explore the visual and material cultures of female sanctity in their multiple facets: Agnes, Mary, Clare and many others. It will take objects and cults that have been discussed separately to date and place them in relation to each other. The chronological focus will centre on Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Of special interest are questions of materiality and performativity: what did it mean to render the image of a female saint on parchment, as a panel painting, in stone, glass, metal, wood, ivory or other materials? Was it integral to liturgical and non-liturgical practices of action – in the multisensory church space and beyond? Who tells the story – and to whom?

The workshop is funded by the German Research Foundation. It takes an interdisciplinary perspective. Contributions from art history, history and related disciplines are as welcome as case studies from material and preservation sciences.

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Appel à contribution – Image d’Isis en France et en Italie (XIVe-XVIe siècles)

Lieux : Université de Boulogne-sur-Mer – 25 rue Saint-Louis, Boulogne-sur-Mer

Date : 18 octobre 2023

Date limite pour soumettre une contribution : 31 janvier 2023

Dans le cadre de cette journée qui croisera les approches de l’histoire des textes et de l’histoire de l’art, il s’agira d’examiner aussi bien la réception des traditions gréco-latines que la création de mythologies nouvelles autour de la figure d’Isis et des divinités du cercle isiaque, en France et en Italie. Si des recherches ont déjà été menées sur la réception de la figure d’Isis et de sa gens, les réécritures de leur légende aux derniers siècles du Moyen Âge et à la Renaissance, sur lesquelles nous souhaitons concentrer notre investigation, n’ont jamais bénéficié d’une étude spécifique.

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